Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week #41 {2015}

Sunday morning we were craving some Loveless biscuits.  Since we didn't have time to run over there, we made some at home.
Joe Cool is always ready to go.
Tuesday morning we had another beautiful sunrise {which this picture does no justice for}.
This little guy now asks me to take pictures of him.
{Wednesday} and I {obviously} oblige.
Payton brought home some funny classwork that made me laugh.
"Favorite restaurant? Jet's Pizza"  Its a pizza delivery place that she's had... twice.  It is NOT her favorite restaurant.
For "Draw a picture of your favorite place" she drew Aldi... which is a market.
She is so very random.
Ignore the mess as I was in the middle of making dinner but WE HAVE HARDWARE finally installed on our cabinets!
This always brings a smile to my face.
Thursday this handsome guy turned 44.
Friday - Early mornings waiting for the bus for this guy is something that I cherish.
And "Nuggle" {snuggle} time with this guy is my favorite time.
Although a little bit later when I told him he couldn't have something, he told me "Your the best mean mommy."  He was not happy with me.  Hee hee!
We finally got to take this guy out for his birthday. 
We took him to Tito's - our favorite mexican restaurant here.
Then afterward, we went to Dylan's awards ceremony.
When we got home we FaceTimed with my sister and niece.
They sent the kids some fun stuff.  American Girl glasses for Payton and her doll and the Taylor Swift CD.
An iFart Shuffle for Dylan and Poo Dough for Rylan. Yes, seriously. Check them out - it's hilarious!
Chris requested a Pizookie for his birthday.
The kids loved it.
Saturday morning Chris was up early and all 3 kiddos woke up and climbed into bed with me.
Then it was haircut time for Dylan.
We ran some errands and Payton wore these all over town.  {Glasses look good on her!}
Chris got to spend some of his birthday money {thanks Papa Nutt and Gigi} to build some shelves for the garage.
The littles wanted to take a break from riding bicycles to build stuff too.
Another beautiful sunset.
We got booed!
And we dug into the candy.  Yum!
This kid cracks me up.
Once he was super tired, he crawled up next to daddy, grabbed his hand and quickly fell asleep.
It was a sweet end to an awesome week!

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