Saturday, October 17, 2015

Week #42 {2015}

Sunday we grilled steaks, sweet potatoes, and salad. It was de-lish. Chris is awesome on the grill.
Monday Rylan worked on writing lines for his "homeschool" work.
Chris rocked his present from the Galla-Rini's.
It's awesome.
Wednesday was for playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop Up game with Ry.
Thursday Ry played on this hill running up and sliding down on his butt.  He thought it was hilarious.
I'll be sad when a house is built back there.
He is scrumptious.
I made butternutt squash for dinner which the kids didn't care for.  So I took the leftovers and made it into muffins...which they loved.  {Score 1 for mom!}
Friday we went to the Tennessee Aquarium.
Saturday Ry woke up with a fever. Ugh.
All he wanted to do was "nuggle daddy" {he is such a daddy's boy}.
I scooped him up, and he quickly fell asleep in my arms.
I hate when my babies are sick, but I definitely enjoy the snuggles {aka nuggles} that come along with it.

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