Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bears, Testing, Ham & A Bed

It was a crazy busy {but awesome} day. Ready for a bunch of pictures??? Here we go!
Bears - thanks to Pinterest I made these adorable bears for the kids for breakfast. They were so VERY easy to make, the kids loved them and they were really healthy!
Testing - Today was a big day because Dylan tested for his BLACK BELT.
{awards ceremony is next week!}
While we were waiting at the testing, we took these pics.
Ham - After the testing we headed to the Country Ham Festival.
It was super cold, but we still got food,
and while we ate it started to drizzle.
The littles went on some bounce houses while Dyl went on the zipline.
It was so empty compared to last year.
The drizzle got heavier and we finally bailed. It was just too cold.
A Bed - Once we warmed up back at home Chris got to work building Rylan's bed.
I married a stud.
To say Rylan was happy with his bed would be an understatement.
Dylan helped Chris make the bed and was super proud of their work.
Checking it out for the first time.
He loves it and wants to paint it orange {because of Michangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles}.
A little bit later I walked in to find him making a bed for his animals and Payton's babies.
He was more than ready at bedtime to climb up and be tucked in for bed.
And then quickly fell asleep.

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