Saturday, October 24, 2015

Week #43 {2015}

Sunday I gave Payton's hair a slight trim.
Little man was back to feeling well and he asked me to not "spiky" his hair, so we brushed it "slick willy" style.
His new thing is to draw butterflies every chance he gets.
Funny story. At lunch Dylan smooched a french fry in Chris' a few minutes later Chris smooched some butter in Dylan's face. Dylan was SO stunned and we all had a good laugh.
Not sure where he got "up-download" but I think it's hilarious.
He's my big helper when we go shopping at Aldi, he gets all my bags ready for us to bag the groceries.
I meal planned some great meals for the week, got all the ingredients...then got home and made this instead. {Total mom fail.}
Monday the kids were still on fall break so they had a lazy morning of electronics.
Wednesday it started. Our awesome view will be disappearing and a house will soon take its place.
We kept walking out to watch the big machines when a hot air balloon floated by.  It Ry's favorite thing and my favorite thing all in one photo.
We had Buffalo Chicken Wraps for dinner.
Again Thursday morning we got to see another hot air balloon while waiting at the bus stop. 
This picture is awesome.  Rylan has Dylan in a choke hold and all I'm doing is laughing and taking the picture.
Rylan is back to not feeling well again.  How could I tell?  He was like this at the bus stop. {Not that I mind the snuggling AT ALL!}
Riley and Hayden came over for a bit.
We went old school and I got out the Spirograph set.  Hayden was bored after a couple of seconds, but the girls loved it.
Dinner...Chicken Pesto Pasta.  Delish.
Poor buddy crawled right up into his daddy's lap to snuggle.
In the middle of the night, things got worse. But praise God we have a breathing machine and were able to get him some relief so we could all get a little {teeny tiny} bit of sleep.
Friday we said goodbye to our minivan.  We are back to being a one car family!
Love this kid and PRAY that he starts to feel better soon.
That afternoon, while walking home from the was a stunningly beautiful day.
Remember when Payton crashed her bicycle last month?  Well, she actually broke it.  It was unfixable.  Which is sad for her because she literally would ride her bike for hours, everyday if she could.  She was riding Dylan's bike here and there but that just caused issues and fights so we finally got her another one.
She was SO VERY happy and rode it for an hour straight.
We didn't mind though, it was a stunningly beautiful day.  Did I mention that already?
Saturday morning we headed to the PumpkinFest in Downtown Franklin.
We were hoping to beat the upcoming rain. It was barely sprinkling when we got there.
But that sprinkle became a heavy drizzle, and then Ry wanted to do this:
Yeah, he's back to not feeling well...again.
So we headed home, got into our cozies and snuggled in for the night.
Kinda perfect for a rainy day...and yes, Rylan is comfy and Chris is not.  LOL!

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