Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week #37 {2015}

Sunday - This kid CRACKS me up!
We spent the day unloading the truck and getting the garage situated so we could get 1 car in there. It's tight {and not pretty} but at least it fits!
Payton loves her new {to her} bed and rug from Sasha.
And thanks to Target's clearance section, she got a beautiful new bed set.
Monday we had an awesome Labor Day.
Tuesday Ry got to go to the Splash Pad with his friend Josiah.  There was hardly anyone there and it was perfect.
It was a beautiful day as well.
Since it is officially Fall {bye-bye Summer!}, I made Chicken Pot Pie with a fall flair.
Wednesday I found a note from Rylan on my phone.
And we got to watch an amazing storm roll in.
I had the best workout buddies who lasted the entire 25 minutes!
Then when Dyl got home from taekwondo, he gave Rylan a private lesson.
Thursday the boys helped daddy dig trenches in the backyard. {As you can see we've had some flooding and they had to remove our grass and regrade our yard. With this last storm we discovered some output drains in the middle of the yard. We decided to move them to the back of the yard before they reinstall the sod.}
Friday Ry was cracking my up...again.
And then he wanted to be RIGHT NEXT to his daddy while he worked.
Payton's school had Spirit Week this week. Superhero day, sports day and Hawaiian day!
Saturday morning I slept
in until 6:30am. It was amazing. We made waffles for breakfast.
And I did a double batch so I could freeze a bunch for school
Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates made an {adorable} appearance.
 We dropped almost 20° this morning and we had to bundle up. Miss cutie-patootie modeled her pull over from her cousin.
And then the saddest/funniest thing happened. We were out front with the kids riding their bikes/scooters. Payton mouthed off to Dylan saying she was a better bike rider than he was, she jumped on her bike, took off and within seconds crashed {and crashed hard}.
I was a good time to learn the lesson about "pride comes before the fall". Literally. So sad she was hurt, but the timing of it was funny/ironic.

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