Saturday, September 26, 2015

Geoff & Lauren's Wedding {California Day 3 Saturday}

Jeannine and I were up super early {like since 4:30am} so at 6 am we went and got Chili Cheese Fries to share from Del Taco {a tradition that we do every couple of years which started when I was in high school.}
For lunch we we back to In-n-Out...
And I got my Animal Style burger { was so good!}.
Back at my parents, we were all hanging out chatting and my niece fell asleep in my arms. Last time she did that {I'm pretty sure} she was 2. 
Ready for the wedding!
But first a quick stop back at El Taco for another red quesadilla. {Yes, it was a Mexican food themed trip!}
The wedding was at a home in Coto de Caza.
When you got there, you walked down this beautiful pathway,
down to a lower area of the property.
The parents of the groom {my sister and brother-in-law}.
Me, my sister Jeannine and our Auntie Riti.
Priscilla and me.
Cody walked Davese down the aisle,
and Geoff and his dad walked to the front {his dad officiated the wedding!}.
Everyone was tearing up and I couldn't figure out why {It was a happy moment!}...
Then I looked at Geoff and he was then I started crying too. Such a sweet moment.
Lauren looked absolutely gorgeous.
During the ceremony Geoff washed her feet like Christ washed the disciples feet. It was pretty neat.
"You may kiss the bride." Which 41 days prior, Geoffrey decided to not kiss her anymore until the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Galla-Rini!
There's a ring on his finger!
Family photo.
My daddy and me.
My momma and me.
The original McNutt family.
The reception was beautiful.
First dance.
For dinner we got to choose The Habbit Burger or Tacos de Anda.... What did I eat? 
Mexican food of course!
The lights were so pretty.
Awesome photo bomb from Miles.
That's my niece Savanna with the bride and groom.
Cake cutting and he smashed it in her face.
She got him back though and they made up quickly. 
Then it was back to dancing. I dance like a dork so I hope there's no pictures or video of that! =)
James, a good friend of the family, grabbed my mom and took her dancing.
My mom and my nephew, Cody.
Then my turn! 
{I was there when he was born and look how much taller he is then me now!}
And the Newlyweds are off!
My niece Savannah {we danced our buns off so we are nice and sweaty}.
And my niece Kenzi.
The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I am so greatful that I was able to be there {thanks Chris!} Wishing Geoff and Lauren a hundred years of love and a strong God centered marriage! Love you both...and Lauren, welcome to the family {officially - although I've felt you have been part of this family for a long time.}!

PS - once I got home I was going through a box {yes, I'm still unpacking!} and came across this picture... 
They were in high school at the Sadie Hawkins dance. {So cute!}

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