Tuesday, September 1, 2015


We celebrated Dylan's 11th birthday today!
Gigi made him Swedish Pancakes again.
ELEVEN.  I can't believe it.  He wanted to open a present before going to school.
Waiting at the bus stop.
This was him discovering that I downloaded a game on his iPad that he had been BEGGING me for.
Since middle schools no longer do anything special for kids birthdays like announce it over the loudspeaker, or parents bring in cupcakes {I can't believe that phase of live is over!}  I wrapped up each item in his lunch box (thank you Pinterest!)
Daddy, Ry and I met him at the bus stop to walk home.
And then it was time to start celebrating!
Flying his new drone {see the green light above the front door?}.
And cake time. 
 I made his favorite Cherry Cake, complete with sparking and relighting candles {he got a kick out of those!}.
We love this guy.  He is such a sweet and kind hearted boy.
We were happy that Papa Nutt and Gigi were able to be here to celebrate with him!
Later that evening, Cullen showed up to ride bikes for a few minutes...and they ended up in the mud.  Shocking I know.  #thosearentsocks
Dear Dylan,
What an amazing young man you are growing up to be. You love to help and aren't afraid of hard work. Thanks for being an awesome son, brother & friend.  I love you buddy!
Love, Momma

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