Friday, September 25, 2015

California Day 2 {Friday}

Friday morning Chris sent me this adorable picture he took while they were at the bus stop. He was being an awesome Mr. Mom. I'm one lucky lady.
We headed out for the day and OF COURSE got stopped by the train by my parents house. I can't tell you how many hours of my life have been spent waiting for trains. They are adding a bridge over the tracks so this intersection has been under construction for a long time. We all chuckled at the sign on the left "Always expect a train".
First stop was El Taco. A hole in the wall restaurant in Orange that makes awesome red quesadillas. Fan-stinkin-tastic. We all devoured this one!
Then we went to the nail salon. I haven't had a pedicure since Payton was born and it felt a-maz-ing.
Next stop? Del Taco {different from El Taco} for their $.99 green burritos. Yum!
A drive down Superior and we got the first glimpse of the ocean.
We headed to Main Street Huntington Beach {my niece was looking for a HB sweatshirt}.
Then we headed to my old stomping grounds, Newport Beach. I lived on 20th Street on the peninsula before I was married and this was where I came ALL THE TIME.
We shared a Hawaiian Ice {it has vanilla ice cream on the bottom - so good!}.
Yup, I just had a pedicure but I had to wiggle my toes in the sand.
Newport Pier.
And heading home at 2 pm...there's traffic. There's always traffic there. It's crazy.
Next stop? In-N-Out burger... I REALLY wanted a burger but was too full, so we all shared an Animal Style French Fry. Oh yes we did!
That night was the wedding rehearsal & dinner.
This is Erik, a long time family friend. He and his wife flew in from Indiana for the wedding!
We went to Hanna's for the rehearsal dinner and we took a ton of pictures...
Jeannine and me.
Jeannine, Mackenzie {Davese's daughter}, Priscilla {Jeannine's daughter} and me!
Hacked again!
Me and Davese.
Sisters! I am so lucky to have them in my life.
My beautiful momma and me.
My mom and Jeannine.
The food was holey-moley good: deep fried squash flowers, bacon wrapped dates, pesto cheese baguettes...and that was just the appetizers! We had a super yummy salad, fillet mignon, truffle mac & cheese, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. PLUS amazing desserts and a coffee bar... The service was excellent! And the company was even better....

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