Thursday, September 24, 2015

California Day 1 {Thursday}

After we were done at Payton's school, Chris and Rylan took me to the airport.
Security checkpoint took less than 5 minutes to get through.
My plane! Notice Downtown Nashville in the background?
Taking off.
I ALWAYS order Ginger Ale on a plane. When I was little I thought that it was a fancy drink ONLY served on airplanes. HA!
Plane change in Dallas.
Taking off in Dallas.
Dylan made me bracelets from both him and Rylan to remember them while I was gone.
Over Arizona {can't you tell?}.
When we were getting ready to land, I was able to see my sister's house from the plane!
I wish I would have had video of them picking me up...they were waving, honking and yelling. I'm loved I tell ya!
My momma, my sister Jeannine, me, my niece Priscilla, and my sister Davese.
It has been a couple of years a since I got to hug on and hang out with my beautiful niece {one of Jeannine's daughters}.
My dad, brother-in-law Miles and nephew Cody met us for MEXICAN FOOD!
Seriously. It was fan-tas-tic!!!  
Fortunately I shared fajitas with my sister because I ate my weight in chips and salsa!
We love our Coco!
That night we stayed up WAY too late, laughing and having a blast together.

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