Monday, September 14, 2015

Santa Fe Stew {recipe}

Saturday morning was FREEZING.  Our weather dropped about 20 degrees from Friday morning to Saturday morning and I had to put on pants and a hoodie.  {Low 70's is super cold when you've been used to 90 degree weather.}  It was cra-zy. Since it was feeling like Fall I pulled out an old recipe for Santa Fe Stew. It's been a few years since I last made and it and I forgot just how good and easy it is to make.  It's super filling and has a great little kick to it.  Want to try it?  Here's the recipe.
Santa Fe Stew
{serves 4}

1 lb ground beef
1 red onion, chopped
2 tablespoons taco seasoning mix
2 tablespoons dry ranch dressing mix
1 can corn, undrained
1 can kidney beans, drained
2 cans rotelle tomatoes
1 can diced tomatoes
1 small can tomato sauce
2 cups cooked small pasta

Brown beef with chopped onion, discarding as much grease as possible.
Stir in taco seasoning and dry ranch dressing mix, stir well.
Add remaining ingredients.
Stir and simmer to heat through.

If you don't have any cooked noodles on hand, toss in uncooked noodles and add approx 2 cups of water. Cook until noodles are al dente.
Top the stew with sour cream and tortilla chips, or serve with quesadilla triangles.
It makes just enough for our family of 5.  I'm to the point where I will need to start doubling it.
This does have a kick to it.  You can swap out one can of rotelle tomatoes for another can of diced tomatoes to mellow it out a tad, but my kids love it a bit spicy.
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