Sunday, September 27, 2015

Leaving Home and Heading Home

The weirdest thing about visiting California is the growing realization that although it will always be home {because that is where I was born, where I grew up and lived for 32 years, and where most of my family is}... it no longer IS home.  Leaving is bittersweet - I'm sad I'm saying goodbye to my family and also so very excited to be heading back to my family.
Super early Sunday morning my mom and sister took me to the airport.
The security line took all of 5 minutes so I had time to wait.
I boarded the plane for my 7:45 am flight...
which is SO weird that it was scheduled that way because John Wayne Airport has a no-fly time from 11pm-8:00am.  We had to wait in line until we were cleared to take off {which ended up being 8:15am}.
My last glimpse of the Pacific Ocean for awhile.
And I was able to see where Chris and I lived {in Rancho Santa Margarita} when we first got married.
I had cranberry juice and Biscoff cookies and then slept the entire 4 hour flight!
My second flight into Nashville was awesomely bizarre.
This was my seat.  Amazing leg room!
But that also meant I was sitting next to this.
I also ended up sitting next to a lady who is related to Bobby Bones and the guy next to her grew up and is friends with a couple of the guys in Rascal Flats.  Talking with them made the hour+ flight FLY by.
And more importantly...  MY PEOPLE!!!!
Oh how I missed hugging these crazy, sweet kiddos.
And to end on a slightly scary note... when unpacking my stuff I realized that I had these scissors IN MY PURSE the entire trip.  I went through TWO security checks at the airport and wasn't stopped.

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