Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week #39 {2015}

Sunday morning, this kid was cracking us up...again.
The kids got into the construction dirt {again} and then were trying to hose it off.
Monday I watched my friends kids for a little bit and Rylan LOVED having them over.
And then I found that Rylan had taken some pictures of his own.
Tuesday morning, we had some extra time so I got to play with Payton's hair before school.
Then I got to go {thanks to my awesome hubby!} and get my hair done.
We moved into an awesome neighborhood with awesome neighbors who bring you flowers just to say "happy fall".
Wednesday I got to watch Dylan at taekwondo.
Little man crashed out right before bedtime.
Thursday morning at the bus.
But this is actually more like us.
Payton thought she was saying goodbye to me at the bus stop {since I was flying to California for the weekend} but we surprised her at her school where she received an Eagle Pride award!
The rest of the week, I was in California for my nephews wedding and you can check that out {here*}!
*I haven't blogged it yet. Hopefully I will get it done soon!

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