Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week #36 {2015} Last Few Days with Papa Nutt & Gigi

Sunday after church, Ry was mad.  Why?  Because he was getting in trouble for punching Dylan in the eye. Never did I expect to say "Quit picking on your BIG brother." so much!
Our house is in the middle of a bunch of new homes being built.  We are the first ones to move in and it is a ghost town in the evenings.  {During the day, there is tons of construction noise/traffic though!}  During a walk, I realized that some people moved in a couple of blocks from us, so I went home and made them some Chocolate Chip Cookies as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift.
We told Rylan to get ready for a bath and I walked in to find his slippers, pajama pants and underwear all folded up and layed out nicely.
Monday was Late Start for Dylan and I took him to school instead of putting him on the bus way early.  Traffic was crazy, and the sun was shining bright.
Ry has really been into drawing faces.
And that evening he went and played down by Chris and grabbed his hand and put it around him.
Ready for bed.
I tucked in this 10 year old one last time.
Tuesday this guy turned 11.
After we got the kiddos off to school we got ready to go out for the day.
Here's me and my dad.
My beautiful momma and me.
They treated Ry and I to Olive Garden {Shhhh, don't tell Dylan - it's his favorite!}
We went to the market and Rylan convinced Gigi to pick this shopping cart.
{I NEVER let him ride in these!}
Then we came home and had some iced tea on our back porch.
We celebrated Dylan's birthday,
and then had some tea before bed.
I was trying to get a group photo and caught this one instead.
{Notice the really neat footed tea cup my mom got me?}
My little guy.
Wednesday morning was a sad morning.  We had to say goodbye to Papa Nutt & Gigi.
I always do okay, until we get to the airport,then the waterworks turn on.
We had such a wonderful time with my parents out here.  We hope that they come back soon!
Thursday. My handsome boy in a new shirt from his birthday.
Riley and Hayden got to get off the bus at our house and hang out with us for awhile.
Chris and I made jalapeño poppers.  I would have taken an "after" photo, but they didn't last.
Friday we rode bikes to the bus stop. I rode Dylan's so he could ride it back home.  It was hilarious!
And then we had a shirtless superhero at the house!
Saturday we headed out bright and early,
and got to enjoy this beautiful sunrise as we drove down to Georgia.
Chris' parents are moving back to California Tuesday and we did a turn around trip to pick up the last of our stuff and say goodbye.
We weren't even a block away from their house when both Payton & Rylan said "I miss them already." {Dylan was driving with Chris.}
The kids did great for being in the car such a long time.
We found some super cheap gas on our way home!

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