Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week In Review {Trip to TN}

It's so fun seeing brothers play and do "boy" stuff together.

Especially since there is an 8 year age difference!

I caught such a sweet moment.
A dad teaching his son how to change breaks on the van (life lessons!).

We decided pretty much last minute that I was going to go up to Nashville with Chris this week to do some footwork for us moving there.
So at first it was Chris, Ry and I.

We kept hearing that Brentwood is an expensive part of town, so when driving through, we discovered why . . .

Holy moley the houses were huge and beautiful!
Ry and I went and walked through Downtown Franklin.

It felt a LOT like the Orange Circle (in California) just with a lot less traffic, and not as many people.

Rylan is a busy boy with places to go.

I love that he was charging through the hotel, with binky in and blanket held tight.
He is SO busy throughout the day, that at night time he finally crashes.

It was fun taking Chris to work, meeting him for lunch and then picking him up after work each day.

I said it was Chris, Ry and I at first because I knew I couldn't last the whole week without Dylan and Payton.
Papa and Sasha were watching them back at home and on Wednesday they brought them up to us!
We headed to the park to let them get some wiggles out, and Rylan loved being pushed in the swing by Papa.

We found a very interesting caterpillar there.  Any idea what it is?

Papa and Sasha took us to Chili's for lunch. Yum!

Then we headed back to the hotel to play in the pool.

The kids loved being in the hotel and were watching the boob tube here.

And then hit up another park.

Friday we picked up Chris from work and headed back home.

The scenery is beautiful and the kids did great since they could watch a movie (Did I mention that I was NOT a fan of having a DVD player in the car?  Man, does it make it nice on longer trips!)

Saturday morning I woke up with cute little feet in my face.

I am learning to cherish these moments . . .
Because all too soon, we will be headed to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate him turning 9 like we did for Dylan!

Papa & Sasha took us all to Chuck E. Cheese for Dylan's 9th birthday (tomorrow).
We made him close his eyes and surprised him.
He was so excited.

  So was Payton.  Rylan was on overload but had a blast.
I cannot believe he will be 9 years old tomorrow!

When we got home, I was looking for Rylan and found him like this.
He had pushed a play table up to his exersaucer and was walking on TOP of them!
This kid is going to give me a heart attack!

So that was our fun and crazy week.  How was yours?

What I Ate...

Sunday - Nachos
Green Salad with Zesty Fat Free Italian Dressing

The rest of the week is not exciting.  We were out of town, so there was a lot of snacking and not much  meals to be had.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites and that includes breakfast every morning. So we ate a HUGE breakfast.

That was for me and Ry.  I usually took the banana, and bagel to eat around lunch time.
Then for dinner, the Embassy Suites has a free managers reception which is free drinks and snacks/appetizers, like this.

Some nights it was trail mix, goldfish, confetti snack mix and M&Ms.
We had also bought PB&J to make sandwiches in the room.
So needless to say, it wasn't a great meal planning and eating week.
Maybe next week!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Love...

I love this boy.  I sometimes cannot believe how big he is.

I love pugs and miss Maggie and Molly.

I love finding pics like this on my phone.

I love snuggling with a sleeping baby.

I love going to the pool right when the kids get off the bus.

I love, love, LOVE these three!

I love school projects that capture who they are at the moment.

I love that she answered "Jesus".
I love my husband and nights that we hang out as a family.

I love watching this little one learn so much.

I love when this girl asks me to take a picture (even right out front of Target) . . .

And then quickly lays down and says, "Now take this one."

And I love that Rylan has learned the art of photo bombing.

What do you love???

What I Ate...

Monday - Tacos (Craig, my father-in-law, made them.  Yum!)

Tueday - No Peek Beef
Peach & Romaine Salad

Wednesday - Margarita Pizza & Pepperoni Pizza

Thursday - Meatball Sub Sandwiches
Green Salad with Balsamic & Basil Vinaigrette

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sixteen Months

I smile on command (see bottom right picture).
I blow kisses.
I call Sasha "Yaya".
I sign "milk" really good now.
I can call for Dylan, "Daun".
I call bananas "nana".
I love to get into everything.  Especially things that are "No-Nos" - I like to keep mama on her toes.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ry Guy

Rylan loves Bailey.

Too bad the feeling isn't mutual.
Not that she DOESN'T like Rylan, I think he just irritates her.
He loves to get right up behind her so her tail hits him in the face.  His giggle is so cute!

I'm not sure if he is teething or sick . . . But at 8:30 this morning he was doing this.

Shortly after, he was doing this.

And 3½ hours later, this.

But boy, did I sure get a lot of things done within that time!  Woo hoo!
He loves this blanket.

It is so cute to see him carrying it around all bunched up.

Funny thing about that blanket . . .  I have no idea who gave it to him.
When we took him to California the first time, we had a little "Open House" for friends to come and meet Rylan.
The blanket was in a gift bag with some socks and no card.
So thank you to whomever gave this to Ry, it's his favorite!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Life As of Lately

I love this little girl.

She's my favorite girl ever.

This is what a silly boy looks like.

We've had some crazy weather in Georgia.
We are 10" above our normal rainfall and it got cold . . . in August.
Here I am on August 15th in sweat capris.

I couldn't even THINK about wearing these a week ago!

Ry wanted his shoes on.

See I told you he was silly.

We went up for a quick trip to Nashville, to look at a couple of places that we had researched online.

It is really pretty there.

The kids were looking out over Franklin, TN and Chris said, "Welcome home guys."

That was a surreal moment.
Who would have thought that we would live in Tennessee?

These 2 are best buds.

More Tennessee prettiness.

Ry watching Elmo.

Sunday evening we went into Atlanta (such a neat city!),

to drop Chris off at the airport.

He's headed to Dallas for a week of training.
The kids did NOT want him to go.

Ry and I were in the car and I came across this song.

Yes, I stopped and listened to it . . . WITHOUT Dylan and Payton in the car.
It's funny.  Go listen to it {here}.

We texted this picture to Chris letting him know they had a great day at school.

Dylan loves that he has someone to play swords with.

Can you tell Dylan likes to play Zelda?

Here's my *attempt* at face painting with the kids.

Obviously not as good as my friend, Rachel!
I'm never going to get hired for a birthday party, but the kids liked it and had fun.