Friday, October 16, 2015

Tennessee Aquarium {Chattanooga}

For the first day of fall break we decided to head down to Chattanooga. We were going to the aquarium and then to our friends house to spend the night.
We packed up, headed out made great time for the first hour and then ran into this.
That's probably the fastest we went for 45 minutes. So what did we do? Take car selfies of course!
Once we go to the aquarium {an hour later than we expected}. We discovered Dylan's mouthwash had spilled out over all our luggage....we were about ready to just get back in the car and head home {since this was the 5th random bummer thing that has happened over the past 2 days and was just the icing on the cake - if you know what I mean} but decided to make the best of it and go to the aquarium anyway. I'm glad we did, because we ended up having a great time.
We started in the Ocean Building and got to touch some stingrays.
Saw amazing butterflies.
This butterfly was bigger than my whole hand 
We saw gold cocoons.
Cody Maverick {penguins}.
Crush {Isn't it funny how movies have changed what we call things?}
This turtle was huge.
We got to check out sharks.
The kids even got to climb INTO a tank.
They had these amazing Sea Walnuts. Water runs through their bodies to make it look like colored lights flickering. It was incredible. God is so creative.
Being able to walk under and through the tank was one of the kids favorite things.
They got to watch the sea animals swim above them.
Once we were done in the Ocean Building we walked over the water to the River Building.
Up at the top of the River Building we tried to take a family photo showing the Tennessee River behind us... But as you can see {or not see} the lighting didn't show the river.
We saw River Otters.
And huge scary looking fish.
When we were done at the aquarium we walked to dinner.
And decided on the Mellow Mushroom.
My full and happy family.
I'm glad that we stayed we had a great family day. We are all bummed that we didn't get to see our friends though! Now heading back home to get mouthwash out of all our clothes. {fun times}.

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