Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week #40 {2015}

Sunday I spent the day flying back home.
Monday Rylan's buddy Levi came over for a bit and they had the best time watching the workers dig a trench in the neighbors yard.
This guy has been my snuggle bear since I got back into town {and I'm not complaining}.
He also has become quite the little artist. This is a picture of an "Ella-pent" {elephant - he doesn't call them "down deeps" anymore!}
I made a huge batch of Playgroup Granola Bars for us to eat and also give to a couple of friends.
Wednesday my sister sent me a snapchat of her laying out in the hot California sun. She wrote "soaking up some vitamin D".  So I sent this back.
We have a cold front that has come in for a couple of days and it feels like it's FREEZING!
Thursday morning Rylan and I went to the grand opening of Aldi! It's one of my favorite stores for groceries and it was kinda fun to be there with the crowd.
Friday was still cold. I walked Payton to the bus and my coffee got cold on the way home {and yes, I like some coffee with my creamer...not the other way around!}.
I really wanted a Red Quesadilla from El Taco so I tried to make my own version. It wasn't even CLOSE to being the same. {boo!}
We decided to drive to get Payton from the bus because it was still cold.
Then when we got home we turned on the fireplace and I put on my slippers to try to warm up.
We moved into SUCH a great neighborhood. We have the most awesome neighbors....ever. Mia {Darby's daughter} brought us some Pumpkin Spice Muffins she made {which were de-lish}!
That night we got internet installed FINALLY!!!
Saturday was a super busy, fun and productive day which you can read about {here}.

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