Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hump Day Wednesday {Be Nice Bash}

High-five for Dylan's first day on safety patrol at school.
I HAD to take a pic of this bone-head person who backed out of their parking spot (just left of the photo) stopped and STAYED in the on-coming traffic lane with their right blinker on.  And yes, that is a on-coming car trying to go around them. {Giggle-snort}
Ry and I took Dylan's birthday treats to his school at lunch time.
Happy boy.
Me and my baby boys.
I guess grocery shopping was so boring for Rylan that he fell asleep!
Cool sky leaving football/cheer practice Tuesday night.
Which was a precursor to this:
The lightning/thunderstorm stayed right over our house from 10:30pm to 12:30am. Now althought I LOVE a good thunderstorm, I REALLY wanted to sleep and couldn't. 
The next morning there was this bizzare sky while driving the kids to school.
Safety Patrol day #2. You pull up, stop, and a safety patrol kid walks out to the car, helps get your kids out of the car and gets them safely on the sidewalk to walk into school. It's very cool!
Buddy fell asleep on the way to run errands. I guess I'm pooping him out.
The kids and I went to the Williamson County Schools "Be Nice Bash". (The district's motto this year is "Be Nice".)
We shared a Kona Ice there.
They all loved it! (But then again, who wouldn't!)

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