Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week #5 {2017}

Sunday Chris cousin sent us a box of surprises.  She had made these adorable coasters for me.  Such fun memories and we can't wait to see them again!
Then it snowed big huge fluffy flakes.  None of it stuck, but it was still beautiful to watch.
Tuesday I finished a month of praying for Chris.  You can read more about it {here}.
And P-Girl lost another tooth before school.
Wednesday would have been my Dad's 77th birthday. I tried to make it a special day for my momma which you can read about {here}.
Thursday Gigi came to hang out with us and brought Ry and I lunch.
We played a round of Memory {which I totally won!},
and we ran out the door to pick up Dylan from the bus.  It was freezing and I looked down to see Rylan without a jacket, and only one flip flop on.  He was more concerned about walking Buddy {my dad's dog} than with how cold it was!
Friday Chris, Ry and I drove some back country roads {If you follow me on Instagram, you could have seen a cool time lapse video I shared on InstaStories of our drive.},
to eat some good country cookin'.  This time we skipped the cinnamon roll {I know, Boo!} and we {Chris and I} got the Biscuits and Gravy, & Oatmeal to share.  Rylan got pancakes, eggs and bacon.
After school I drove to drop this big guy off at church for Winter Camp.
He has grown into such a young man now.  Eek!
It was his first time going to camp, and I think I was more nervous about it then he was. He invited his buddy Nico to go along with him.
Last hug before he left!
That evening we headed over for Payton's yellow belt testing.
She did great!
We are so proud of her.
Saturday morning, I woke up to this.  And it's appropriately blurry since I was still blurry eyed!
Then Chris and I got to go on a Date Day which was a nice break from our busy week!


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