Saturday, February 18, 2017

Week #7 {2017}

Sunday - Remember when my niece gave us a framed Muletown Coffee sleeve and Rylan wouldn't put it down?  Well, I had to make him his own for his room. He says it reminds him of "Papa Nutt".
Chris made a new coffee table for our living room and I love it!
Monday we got to go and run an errand with Chris.  He stopped at Muletown Coffee {for their amazing Dixie Pecan Latte!} and when he walked out he gave me this hat saying "Happy Valentine's Day"! {I love it!}
Wednesday was Valentine's Day.
Thursday Rylan was being a ham {as usual}.
My mom gave me some beautiful tulips for Valentine's Day.
Friday I was exhausted... and then Payton woke up sick.  So we kept her home from school and we headed down to Gigi's.
My mom watched the kids while I snuggled up and took a nap.
Then we realized that it was a  BEAUTIFUL day outside and went to soak in the sunshine.
I even ended up with a topless explorer.
That night we snuggled in for family movie night.
Saturday we went out and about, stopping for a quick bite.
Once we got home, Payton wanted to cut her hair.
So I took off a few inches.  My sweet girl.
We had some friends stop by and I think their daughter loved the Chocolate Chip Cookies I made.  They were pretty good - I like mine a little gooey-er.  But if you prefer more cake-like cookies, give them a try!

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