Saturday, May 20, 2017

Week #20 {2017}

Whew!  This week was SUPER DUPER busy.  Get ready for a ton of pictures.
Sunday was Mother's Day.
Monday Rylan looked just like Dylan.
I'm loving my Magnolia bag my sister got for me while she was in Texas graduating {way to go Davese!}.
We showed up to Payton's Field Day.  She was tired, soaking wet and completely happy.
That night Dylan had his last orchestra performance of the year.
Then they were awarded pins for their win at Dollywood last week.
Our freeway walls are pretty spectacular...and that sunset isn't too shabby either!
Payton had brought home some of her artwork from this year and I was pretty impressed with what she had done!
Tuesday was Dylan's End of the Year awards ceremony. Ry spotted Dylan as they were filing in.  He walked all casually over to him, with his hands in his pockets.  When Dylan spotted him, Rylan took off in a full run and hugged him.  It was such a sweet moment.
Dylan's cheering section...
He received an award for his Duke Tip scores.
I took him home after the ceremony (it ended at 10am and practically everyone was being checked out of school, so I joined the bandwagon) and we went to Gigi's for Dylan to mow her lawn,
and Ry helped Gigi in the yard.
While they were busy, I ran up to Payton's school to celebrate her summer birthday with her class.
My girl.
Wednedsay I went back to Payton's class to watch her "Teacher of the Day" presentation.
She taught the class how to make Daisy Chains and made countdowns to the last day of school.
Stinky boy.
Tired boy.
Thursday - These two irritate the snot out of each other...but then have these sweet moments too.
Friday was another beautiful sunrise.
I dropped Dyl off at school and Payton was passed out in the back seat.  They had pajama day today so she just scooted from her bed to the car this morning.
I heard screaming outside and looked out to see that Bombi had Rylan trapped.  Hahahaha!
Dylan brought me in a "flower" {aka weed}.  It is beautiful though!
Saturday we decided to take Bombi with us to Rylan's t-ball practice.  He's grown a bit since we first brought him home.
And he wouldn't sit still.
The kids thought it was hilarious.
Little man (black shirt, blue hat) loves his t-ball practices!
Later we were walking the property and Rylan ran back to the house to get my phone because he wanted me to take his picture on this log...and he wouldn't let me help him up there. {#bigboy}
Dylan's friend, Nico, came over.  I was laughing because they were being so quiet and I realized that the boys were watching the tv through the mirror behind Payton and Rylan.
And here's the beautiful end of a whirlwind week!

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