Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week #18 {2017}

Sunday Bombi still thinks he's a lap dog...
Such an adorable face.
It's been fun watching the plants/trees come into bloom in our yard.  We don't know exactly what will pop up...but a couple of days ago we noticed a rose bush bursting with buds.  Today we got our first bloom.
Love our view from our front door.  Can you spot the neighbor's cows across the street?
That night, I stayed up way too late finishing a great book.... Go read my review {here}!
Monday Ry got to do some mowing with daddy.
While they were mowing, I discovered a whole bunch of mint growing in our yard!
I finished off another great book, Giddy Up Eunice...check it out {here}!
Tuesday morning, Chris told me to come quickly and to bring my camera and I'm so glad he did... so precious!
Morning fog had settled on the farms on our drive to school.
Got to run errands with my momma today.
All the birdies hatched!
Tonight we kicked off softball season!
Then Ry hollered for me to come and take a picture of him and Dylan.
Wednesday I invited some friends from my old neighborhood over for coffee and I got to hold baby Mackenzie.  Babies are the best!
And I got a couple of sweet house warming presents!
Thursday we celebrated our 15 Year Anniversary!
Friday morning nuggle boggles.
And my workout was brutal....
A storm rolled in and everything was gray and gloomy, yet still beautiful!
That evening TKD held a special class taught by Grandmaster Hall {an 8th Degree Black Belt!}.
Rylan was too young to participate, but he dressed out and paid careful attention to what was being said.
Saturday we checked on the birdies who looked very hungry!
Bombi must be cold blooded.  If there is a heater or fire on...he is right next to it!
Saturday morning Dylan and I woke up at FORTY FIFTEEN in the morning {!} to drop him off at school.  His orchestra was traveling to DollyWood for a competition - which they won First Place in every category!  
While he was having fun, we were going to do some small improvements to our powder room {paint, new light fixture, replace toilet, etc}.  While removing the old toilet, the supply line broke and water sprayed EVERY WHERE!  It was pure chaos, and all we could do was laugh.  So what was supposed to be a half a day project...will take a lot longer now!
Driving back from our 1,490th trip to Lowes this week, the setting sun was spectacular.
I ended the night with picking Dylan back up at his school at 11:45pm.  It was a long night.  But Dylan had so much fun, it was totally worth it.

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