Saturday, May 27, 2017

Week #21 {2017}

Sunday I threw in some sliced strawberries into my water and it was super yummy.
He's got the sad puppy dog eyes down pat.
Monday I blogged about our life hour by hour.
Tuesday was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL {not that I am excited or anything}!
Next to the back of our house, these little plants popped up and I didn't know if they were a weed or not, so I left them and let them grow...
I'm so glad that I did, because they  are beautiful!
That night Dylan had a bonfire.
Bombi liked all the kids being there.
Wednesday morning, was the first full day of summer and Payton had a lazy morning snuggling Bombi.
The littles decided to bake some muffins.
They worked together,
Dylan decided to make Green Chicken Chili for lunch.
It was delish!
On the way home from TKD Rylan said "Look! God's coming down!  Thank you God!".  I love that sweet boy.
Once we got home, we got to see an amazing sunset.
Thursday Dylan mowed Gigi's lawn {he's earning money for church camp!}.
Friday Chris was able to take a few hours off and we headed down to Amish Town.
This guy was HUGE.  I walked up to pet him and decided that this was close enough considering there were only wires separating us.
It's fun seeing their buggies driving down the street.
My mom had company in town and were down visiting Amish Town too {they didn't know we were there}.  We found them at one of the houses and surprised them!
The Chungs!
The kids loved their little girl, Shalom.
Saturday morning, I woke to to finish a book.
Then we headed to a birthday party.  They had swimming, a water bounce house and snow cones.  The kids had a blast.
The party was out in Nolensville, so we HAD to stop at Burger Shack on the way home. 
Back at home, my mom brought the Chungs over for a bit.
My kiddos loved showing Shalom around.
We ate White Bean Caprese Salad  for dinner and it was amazingly delicious.

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