Saturday, May 2, 2015

Week #18 {2015}

Sunday outside of church. I love this little guy.
We had big helpers with the yard work, while Payton was enjoying watching a "girl movie" inside.
Monday the sky was beautiful.
Tuesday after our last mom2mom, we stopped at the park for a little bit.
Wednesday I got to go on a lunch date with these 2 handsome boys to Jonathan's Grill.
It was our first time there and I LOVED my Pesto Chicken Flatbread.
After school some friends came over and we went to Sonic and then to another park for scootering and playing.
Riley & Payton
My boys.
This picture isn't great since I took it from inside the house, but we watched this stunning Cardinal and Robin Red Breast in the backyard.
Thursday Ry and I made Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies . . .
for Dylan and Payton to have once they got off the bus.
I make a Green Chicken Chili, which is just shredded chicken in green salsa, topped with grape tomatoes and cilantro.  It's awesome, but a little too spicy for the kids. 
I stumbled upon this recipe for 5-Ingredient White Chicken Chili.  I thought the addition of the chicken broth would help tone down the spiciness so I made it tonight, and I was right. The kids LOVED it.  They ate every drop.  I will be making it this way again!  And P.S. it's more of a soup, not a chili.
Friday Ry found and ate {yuck!} 2 of my chapsticks. We hide them but he still finds them. The left one is green apple flavored so I can see how that might taste good . . . but the waxiness - yucky!
Dinner Friday night was awesome {even if I do say so myself!}.
Italian Chicken using my homegrown basil.
Saturday the kids had a color run type race. You can read about it {here}.
Afterwards we ran a few errands one being the Spring Hill Antique Mall. They we're having an open house {food, music, and door prizes - which I won one!} 
and Payton and Rylan made their FaceBook page!
Yes, she is still covered in color from the race.
After, we came home to BBQ, play with sidewalk chalk, and blow bubbles on this gorgeous day!
I love the Springtime here!
P. S. 13.5 more days of school left and then it's SUMMER BREAK!
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