Friday, May 15, 2015

Hour by Hour {A Day in the Life Of}

Our life routine changes so dramatically each year that passes so I thought I would document my day as a part-time, work from home, mom of a 10.5 (5th grade) boy, 6.5 (1st grade) girl and 3 year old boy. =)  Today is:
My day started at:
Actually I've already been up for 5 minutes checking texts, Instagram, and Bloglovin' on my phone. I finally got out of bed at 6:10am and started my quiet time.
By 7am everyone was awake and I have gotten the kids breakfast. We did our morning devotional, Sticky Situations, while they ate and I made my iced coffee. I love watching the creamer swirl into the coffee. I walked Dylan and Payton to the bus at 7:41am.
I set Ry up to watch some Netflix while I worked out. Today was my first time doing Dynamic Core and it was tough, but I did it!
I logged onto my work computer {left} and checked my personal emails on my computer {right}, while I finished up my iced coffee and cooled down from T25.
I was just about done finishing up my bookkeeping work for the day. Then I took a quick shower and then I picked up the house.
Wednesday is "Wash Day" and I get all the laundry clean and folded, but I still have to fold/put away all the clothes that have air dried overnight.
Chris {my handsome boss} called and had work for me to do so I got some iced tea, and set Ry up with some cards and play dough and got to work.
I was telling/helping Rylan pick up all his toys he pulled out. He later threw a fit {because he was not getting his way} and he stomped upstairs. It got quiet, and I found him like this:
Guess he was tired?
Since he was sleeping I sat down to do some reading. I can "borrow" books from Overdrive through my library for free so I am learning to like reading on a device.
Chris had another file for me to work on and I had to bust out the dual screens. It makes working SO much easier, but it's a pain to set it up. I can't wait until we have an official office space that we can leave it up all the time.
The kids get off the bus at 3:45pm and by 4pm I was cooking dinner and emptying the dishwasher {It is usually Dylan's job but he has taekwondo early tonight, at 4:15pm, and I needed it done.} P.S.  I think I will miss all my colorful dishes once the kids are all grown.
I headed back to pick up Dylan from taekwondo. When we got home we ate dinner together as a family.
We all cleared the table and I got the dishes done so I laid down on the couch to relax for a bit.  Then the kids started walking on my back and pouncing on me.
Usually at 7pm were just starting to get our showers, but tonight we were DONE, clean, and in our jammies by that time. Payton went to bed at 7:30pm.
And then it was time for Blacklist. It's Chris' favorite show right now, and we loved the twist for the season finale!
Dylan got to stay up an extra 30 minutes tonight, so we sent him to bed at 9pm while I was wrangling this crazy monkey on my back. {Remember he had a nap today?  He slept for TWO hours!}
I fell asleep for a bit watching tv with Chris, and we went to bed at 10pm.
Exciting day right?  I actually enjoy days that I can stay home and don't have any errands to run!
I'm sure this time next year, our schedule will be COMPLETELY different!
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  1. I enjoyed your post! Thanks for not giving the Blacklist finale away! We're a little behind.

    1. We can't wait for it to start again in the fall. But its so far away - maybe watch it again from the beginning??? =)


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