Saturday, May 16, 2015

Week #20 {2015}

Sunday was Mother's Day!
Monday started with Swiss Oatmeal . . . one of my favorite breakfasts. I miss Corner Bakery in California and was so happy to find this recipe online. It tastes fantastic! I DO miss those yummy Raisin Pecan Sweet Crisps they serve with it though.
Baby boy hasn't been feeling well lately and I got to cuddle with him and he fell asleep in my arms! And yes, I enjoyed EVERY second.
I started the Beta section of T25 and the kids decided to show me up do it when they got home from school.
Tuesday was Day #2 {Speed 2.0} and I thought I was going to die. I've completed 5 weeks of this program and its not getting any easier. LOL!
Look at how red I was?!?! It totally kicked my rear.
We had one of my favorite salads {Southwestern Chopped Chicken Salad} for dinner. It's so pretty, so easy and so tasty!
Wednesday I sent this pic to my mom and sisters. I was enjoying some OJ in my FAVORITE glass that was my Grandma Esther's. Such good memories associated with that tiny glass! 
Chris, Rylan and I had a lunch date at McAlister's. I tried their French Dip sandwich for the first time and it was d-lish! I wonder if I can make it as good at home???
Ry {of course} got Cheetos. When we got home he {and his car seat} were COVERED in orange cheesy powder.
Later I was folding laundry and he came in and started folding towels all by himself. He folded this whole stack and went and put them away and wouldn't let me help. {Oh how I HOPE this will continue for years to come!}
Once Dylan got home from school, he wanted to do T25 again, and this time Ry joined him.
Dylan brought Payton and I a post dinner snack. Chunks of cheese topped with a green olive. Guy, he is such a sweet and creative little man!
Thursday I documented my "Day in the Life of".
Friday was Field Day!!!
Saturday was was drizzly day so we did a lot of {needed} lazing around.
Rylan has been obsessed with his Baby Jaguar and had me read about him in his Diego book.
And we had family movie night. We watched Wreck it Ralph again. It's a cute movie!
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