Saturday, May 23, 2015

Week #21 {2015}

When Rylan is awake he is on the go-go-go and full of energy, so I find myself taking lots {5 this week!} of pictures of him sleeping, capturing him being so peaceful {and still!}. Sunday, he fell asleep, taking a surprise nap, but then again that's what Sunday afternoons are for, right?
Then that night he fell asleep sprawled out clutching onto the remote control.
Monday was the Character Breakfast for P's class. Each kid picked their favorite book to do a book report on and then they dressed up as the main character for a special breakfast at school. Can you tell what book Payton picked as her favorite?
Yup! Fancy Nancy!
Pinterest can be amazing sometimes. I saw an idea to give Rylan tongs and our color blocks and he played for over an hour. He moved, lined up, stacked and sorted and had a blast doing it!
Waiting for the kids to get off the bus, Ry had an arsenal of swords tucked in his shirt ready for attack.
As soon as the kids walked in, we headed to the pool for the first time this season.
This will be my view a LOT over the next 2 months!
Tuesday was a whirlwind of a day. I was heading to a birthday party for a friend in the morning when I realized that Dylan's class party was starting that moment, at 9:30am, instead of in the afternoon like I had thought. I quickly pulled into the parking lot, found my silly string covered boy, gave him a quick kiss, told him I was sorry I screwed up the schedule and headed back out. I ran into this cute little lady who just happened to be blowing bubbles outside as well!
I made it to the party at The Frothy Monkey {I've been wanting to go here for a long time} and got to enjoy this pretty latte.
I forgot to take any other pictures, but Rylan had me covered with these gems. {The forehead only pic is especially one of my favorites.}
Pic #3 of my sweet sleeping baby. {Look at those long legs!}
That afternoon we headed BACK to school for Payton's End of the Year Ice Cream Party. She loved getting to choose all the toppings on her "herbert" aka sherbet.
Little man loved being there too!
Payton got off the bus holding this HUGE frog. Mr. T, their awesome bus driver, was letting her keep it for one night and asked if I could sew his arm up for him {it had gotten ripped}.
Dylan came off the bus with a really neat candy necklace he got from a classmate.
We went BACK to the school {that's the 3rd time - if your counting} for Dylan's 5th Grade Promotion.
My night ended with Ry falling asleep like this {pic #4}.
Wednesday I packed the last lunches of the school year.
And Payton lugged the huge frog back to the bus.
For dinner we had his beautiful, colorful 8 Layer Asian Salad.
Thursday was the kids LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Ry and I had to go to the school to pic up Dylan's epi pen and he {Rylan} was being moody and grumpy. We got home and I unbuckled him, but he wouldn't let me get him out of his car seat . So I walked away {leaving the car door open, the garage door shut and the door to the house open}. When he stopped screaming, I went to check on him {since he hadn't followed me into the house like I expected him to} and found him like this. {pic #5}
Once he DID wake up he was a sweet cuddle bug so I enjoyed the last few minutes with him before . . .
the big kids came home for summer!
Friday we did the Comic Con thing.
And afterward Henry came home with us and all 3 boys walked to McDonalds and Walgreens . . . all by themselves. Eek!
They have a group of friends from their class that are best buds. That evening they were all getting together for an End of the Year party at one of their houses. Dylan got ready to go and Chris gave him a new haircut before he left.
Saturday morning Dylan make biscuits for us and made a special "R" biscuit for Rylan.
Then Chris had an idea. Ry started out looking like this:
And 15 minutes later he was twinsies with his brother.
We headed to the grand opening of a local splash pad but by the time we got there it was packed. So we went and got icees instead,
And made our own splash pad of sorts {yes, Dylan is sitting IN the water table.}.
And a ladybug provided some entertainment as well.
For dinner we had BLT Pasta Salad. Perfect for this beautiful, warm day!
Whew! That was a busy week!

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