Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stillhouse Hollow Falls {Summertown, TN}

We decided to head down to Summertown, TN to hike to Stillhouse Hollow Falls.
It was beautiful.
But when we got to the falls and I was a little disappointed. It was SO pretty but so small.
We kept going on the trail and I'm glad we did because soon we came upon the actual falls. Doh! Here's the view from the top.
Then we hiked down to the bottom.
Crossed over the stream.
And got to the bottom of the falls. {Now THIS is what I expected. LOL!}
It was beautiful and peaceful.
We met another couple there and she offered to take our pic.
While we were talking the thunder started rolling so we headed out. There was an extra trail that Chris went and ran while the kids and I kept to the easier path.
We loved seeing the falls and will definitely be back. This time with bathing suits and towels!

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