Saturday, May 9, 2015

Week #19 {2015}

Sunday was a beautiful day, so after church we spent it outside enjoying the sunshine. {Notice Payton's sassy pose in the pic on the left? I love her.}
Monday was Chris and my 13th Anniversary. We look like such babies in this picture!
While he was at the office Ry and I ran a bunch of errands. My favorite stop, was getting tea at McAlister's.
My second favorite stop was going to Toys R Us so Rylan could spend his gift card from Papa & Sasha. This WOULD have been my favorite stop except we were there for almost an hour. He was so cute though showing me everything in the store. He was excited to get a Ninja Turtle and a Scoop Toss game. {Thanks Papa & Sasha!}
Back at home I got ready for DATE night with this amazing man! You can read about our night {here}.
Later that night baby boy was fast asleep snuggled up with his milk-ba-ba. I tried to take it away and he tightened his death grip on it.
Wednesday Dylan had his friend Ella over specifically to play Terraria. They were playing each other IN the game and were like this (on their electronics) the entire time. It was pretty funny to watch.
Thursday we packed up our bags and headed into the office with Chris. Ry insisted on carrying his backpack and our heavy lunch bag. He was holding onto his head to keep the bag up and by the time we got across the parking lot, he had both hands up trying to carry it all by himself. He wouldn't let me help him.
He got right to work, not wasting any time.
And quickly got bored so he got comfy and watched a movie instead. {Do you see how long he is getting?}
We had this cute girl over for a bit in the afternoon.
And that night I found Rylan crashed out in our bed like this.
Friday. With only 9.5 days of school left, I figured I had better go have lunch with the kids at school before they were out for summer. We first surprised Payton.
And then Dylan.
After we went to the market and Rylan had taken this awesome panorama pic.
When the kids got off the bus they gave me some early Mother's Day presents from school. Payton gave me some tomato seeds.
And Dylan had painted a plaque of the blue orchids Chris gave me Monday. I love my sweet kids.
Today, Saturday, was yard work day. We found another blue egg shell {this is #4 or 5 this spring!}.
And Rylan played photographer while I was helping mow the lawn and Chris was washing off the sidewalk chalk on the back patio.
Rylan was being super fussy so we sent him to his room to finish throwing a fit in there. Chris was telling me that he thinks Ry's going through a growth spurt. I walked up the stairs to check on him and found him at the top of the stairs.
Don't wake a sleeping baby, right?
Check out those legs?!?! I think Chris is right about the growth spurt!
Another week in the books!


  1. Goodness! Y'all have been busy!

    1. I know! Isn't it crazy? I can't wait for summer so we relax! ;)


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