Friday, May 22, 2015

Mini Comic Con

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the area we live in. There are so many fun/neat/cool family friendly events that we LOVE going to. Today, the official first day of summer, our local library held a Mini Comic Con event and the kids {+Dylan's buddy, Cullen} had a blast.
I took my Ninja Turtle (of course) and he was SO excited to get a Ninja Turtle comic book from his big brother.
SuperGirl was there to chalk Payton's hair.
They had bounce houses,
which Ry thought was awesome.
Payton got a Princess Elsa balloon character.
Dylan chose a bow and arrow {that really shot!}.
He decided to get blue hair like Sonic the Hedgehog.
We had brought Cullen with us {left} and we ran into their other friend, Henry {middle}.
They were COMPLETELY GEEKED OUT about everything there. And I was walking around just trying to "get it". LOL!
It's a whole new world I need to learn about!

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