Monday, January 7, 2013

A Day In The Life Of...

My day today.
7:00am - signing Dylan's agenda for school (from 2 weeks ago).

8:00am - going through one pile of papers (and round filed most of it - woot woot!).

9:00am clipped coupons from yesterday's newspaper.
(I can only do this when Rylan is napping.)

10:00am caught up on my blog posts (since Rylan is still asleep).

11:00am I still looked like this, so it was time to get dressed and put some makeup on.

12:00pm Chris is on his was home and we are going to Target to grocery shop, so I am quickly printing and cutting Target coupons.

1:00pm on our way to Target we swung through Taco Bell (too bad Del Taco isn't closer).

2:00pm checking out at Target.

3:00pm hearing about these cuties days at school.

4:00pm making dinner.

5:00pm helping this guy with his homework.

6:00pm driving to drop dinner off at a friends house (whose family has been sick forever and now have a stomach bug!).

7:00pm telling this girlie that she needs to clean her room.

8:00pm just gave this sweet baby his last dose of antibiotics (yeah!).

9:00pm in bed.  Chris has a movie on, but to be honest . . .

I am doing this:

Good Night!

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