Friday, May 9, 2014


So I must REALLY live in the South. This is what I saw driving down the street.
2 guys sitting on lawn mowers in the back of their trailer. Crazy.
Ry woke up from his nap, walked to the top of the stairs and fell back asleep. I schooched him over a bit so he wouldn't accidentally roll down the stairs.
Commuting . . . I am SO ready for it to be over. Ry and I are like this for 2-1/2 hours a day (plus another 2 separate hours that we have to "kill time" between things).
We leave the house at 6:23am to drop of Chris at work before 7:00am. Then we kill time until the kids bus picks them up at 8:00am. Sometimes we run errands, or go somewhere but most of the time we are parked at the bus stop hanging out in the car and I am doing the kids hair.
My friend Alicia (who was commuting the opposite direction) meets me at the bus stop and I take her kids to their school (right by my house).
At 3:20pm the process is reversed.  Ry and I pick up Alicia's kids, head to Dylan & Payton's bus stop and the kids play together for 30 minutes or so - which has been SO nice. They get their wiggles out and have fun playing and Alicia and I get to chat.
Then we pick up Chris at 5:00pm and try to beat the traffic - usually getting home around 5:45pm.
Friday night = family movie night.  I love hanging out with these people. They are my favorite.

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