Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recent Happenings

Rylan LOVES Dylan so much.
These 2 helped me to (finally) hang Dylan's letters. His Papa made them for him when he was a tiny baby.
I copied my friend Alicia and made a bunch of Banana Chip Mini Muffins, bagged them and froze them for the kids to grab and snack on this summer.  (She made zucchini mini muffins, and mini pancakes, and chili, and chicken & rice soup - all prepped and frozen ready to go. She's superwoman like that!)
Nighttime snuggles are the best. I'm jealous . .  . of both of them.
I put together the end of the year gifts for the kids teacher. Thanks for sending me the idea from Pinterest Jeannine!
The tag says "Thanks for not being "impatient" with me this year and helping me grow . . ." Get it?
Hot air balloons flew right over our house (literally). Chris doesn't understand why I get so geeked out over them. They are just so neat to watch.(
Every time The Voice is on, Rylan breaks out into a dance party and tries to get everyone to join.
Rylan got some new "pee-pops" aka flip flops:
I love watching him run to his brother and sister (at the bus stop).
We see cardinals all the time here. This one looked a bit chubby!
We finally went from being a 1 car family to a 2 car family. Yippee!

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