Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday morning Payton gave this note:
(Happy Muthrs day mom. You are the best mom ever. You will get to pick a movie and watch on my tv with a free massage. You will have to let me do it now.)
Score! She actually gives really good massages!
I absolutely LOVE her freckles
"Philippians 4:13 FAITH" on the back of a semi truck. I love the South!
We got stuck on the freeway because of a complete shut down for 1.5 hours.
Unfortunately a 25 year old police officer was hit (while trying to help with a broken down vehicle) and died at the scene, and it's the day before Mother's Day. Ugh. My heart breaks for his momma.
We decided to take another way back home and even though it was drizzling, it was pretty and had MUCH less traffic.
Little man crashed out.
Sunday morning Dylan brought me breakfast in bed (the first time ever!). Yogurt, english muffin, and ice water with a straw . . . Perfect! Isn't he so sweet?
He also gave me these:
I missed hugging on this pretty lady for Mother's Day. I love you mom!
Payton made me this necklace:
Well actually, I made it.  LOL! Payton was up in her room when she started crying that Dylan ruined something she was making. We had Dylan leave her alone and about 45 minutes later she was in tears again because Rylan now ruined her "project". I went up to see what was going on and ended up "helping" her put all the beads back on. And we all know how "helping" goes... {smile}.
A little later I noticed that Payton needed a trim so I cut off a couple of inches.
Chris made a fantastic salad for lunch.  (Recipe coming!)
We went swimming for a bit.
Then Dylan decided that he wanted his head shaved, so Daddy obliged. No more arguments - at least for awhile - about him brushing his hair!
And since Payton got her hair cut, and Dylan got his hair cut . . .
Rylan got his hair cut!
Sasha had trimmed his hair a few weeks ago, but this was his first hair cut . I cut off his baby curls {tear}.
He wouldn't hold still to get a really good "after" picture, so here's the best one I got.
He's such a little boy now! Where did my baby go?

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