Friday, May 2, 2014

Catch Up

Here are some other pictures from Ry's birthday last week.
Waiting for the bus . . . Only a couple more weeks if doing this - yay!
Sweet sleeping baby boy.
Payton's artwork from school.
I think she did really well!
I mowed the front lawn today (yes, me) but more importantly . . .
Hot air balloons fly over our area all the time. I never get tired of seeing them. Someday I will go on one! Here are 2 that I saw when I was coming home from the market.
Monday, a bad storm was coming our way so the school released the kids early.  My friend, Alicia, let us go and hang out at her house until we went to pick up Chris from work. Funny thing is, the weather was nice and we were able to play outside! (Her kids saw my reverse cam on my car and were making faces at it.)
Little man loves to say "cheeeeeese" for the camera.
At the park again.
As you can tell Ry wasn't into standing still for pictures . . . But I got this sweet one of Dylan and Payton.
Love the clouds!
Family walk/ride around the neighborhood.
Ry didn't last long on his balance bike. But that's okay, walking hand in hand with daddy is great too!

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