Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Rylan!

My baby boy is a full blown toddler now! 
Happy birthday sweet Rylan!
Your check up was today and you are:
27 lbs (53%tile)
34.5 inches tall (47%tile)
20.67 inch head circumference (waaaayyy off the chart! LOL)

Some new things you've been saying lately:
"I got it!" 
"Umon" - Come on
"Darn it" {where did he get THAT one from?}
"Rydin" or "mydin" - Rylan
"Wook it" - Look it!
"No, I don't want it."
"I want it".
"I love you."
"Costco" (see below)
"I don't like it."
"Mo-man" - snowman
"Copy" - Coffee
"Payton" instead of "Deepee" althought he calls her that every once in awhile.

You like to play "Costco", where you tell me your going to Costco and we talk about what we need from there. Then you push Payton's baby stroller to our DVD rack and put them in your cart. You return and tell me that they are out of coffee. It is so cute!

You love the movie Frozen (just like everyone else in the world). You love "mo-man" aka Olaf and have learned the songs from Dylan and Payton.

Your top 2 eye teeth came in this past month.

At nap time we read "Llama Llama Nighty Nite" and you LOVE it. You try to read it with me and it makes me melt.

You are proficient at climbing  in and out of your high chair, and the shopping cart. It freaks people out all the time.

Turning 2, marks an end to the baby stage in our family. It is definitely bittersweet. I want to hold on to all those great memories and sweet moments. The late night and early morning snuggles especially.  But I'm excited to see each of my babies grow into the young men and young lady God wants them to be.

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