Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

There is no sleeping in on Saturday morning when you have Rylan around.
Good thing he is cute!
This is his new pose he does for pictures.
Oh and those are Dylan's old Blues Clues pajamas. They bring back such memories!
There is a leftover sand area from a play yard in the middle of our lawn and the kids love it!
Chris got a new "toy".
Ry didn't have a nap today. Right after his bath he crawled up next to daddy and crashed.
The next day Dylan wanted to get in some snuggle time too!
It was such a beautiful day, so we did some yard work.
My little gardener.
Dylan wanted to try the mower. (Isn't he so cute?)
It was such a beautiful day, I got to sit outside and enjoy the newly mowed yard (thanks to Chris and Dylan)!
She's my snuggle bunny.
Ry tried to chillax as well.
We went and got Frostys for dessert.
Baby boy stacked and lined up these cups for a VERY long time tonight.
My mom (hi mom!) says that I used to do this too when I was little.

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