Friday, April 4, 2014

My Week According to My iPhone

I love seeing the tree lined driveways here. Even when there is a mobile home at the end of it!
Picnic time.
Ry is such a binky baby. It's funny watching him try to figure out how to hold it while holding other things as well.
These beautiful trees are blooming everywhere!
Ry was very quiet in the car. So much so that I thought he has fallen asleep. But no, he was trying to tie his shoe!
One morning before school, we went and played at the park.
At the park, Ry got his pants wet so he went without pants for a bit. I think he liked it. LOL!
And I NEED to get this kid his own pair of boots. He loves wearing Payton's!
Spring is popping up at our place.
I guess he wanted to lay down on the stairs???
We got to eat at the Burger Shack again. SO YUMMY! I even splurged and ordered the Shack Fries (French fries topped with melted cheese, grilled onions, and Shack Sauce.).
Family movie night . . . My favorite night of the week!

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