Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend With Papa and Sasha & Rylan's Birthday Party

Papa & Sasha came up for Easter this weekend, and to celebrate Rylan's birthday.
We pick up the kids from the bus then took them to a park.
Ry learned a new trick and was showing off.
Good Friday we went to Winstead Hill where the Battle of Franklin took place during the Civil War.
Rylan learned how to say "sandwich". and no, he's not saying "d@$? it". LOL!
We made a fun Easyer craft (thanks to Pinterest).
And the kids figured out that sleeping bags make sliding down the stairs even more fun.
And make you go faster.
All ready for . . .
his birthday party . . .
at Chuck E. Cheese!
The big kids didn't seem to mind that we were at Chuck E. Cheese.
Skee ball is Rylan's favorite thing there. I don't think he played anything else.
Of course he has his own way of playing and since it was his birthday party, I let him.
Big winner!
Lunch at McAllister's Deli.
Then cake time back at home.
He quickly learned how to open presents.
And ask for he next one.
We got him a balance bike and he seemed to like it.
It was such a fun day, Ry fell asleep in Sasha's (Yaya's) arms.

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