Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week With My Momma {Part 3}

Here are the stages of pouting for Rylan.
(All because I wouldn't give him "Pepsi".)
I love waking up and hanging out with my momma.
All ready to go!
I love finding these kinds of photos on my phone.
We went to Dylan's favorite restaurant . . . Olive Garden!
Yes, Ry is eating a pepperconi - crazy guy!
We attempted to make homemade pretzels (which ended up being a flop, but it was fun to do!).
Reading time.
The kids got to have Squishy Baffs! (The best Dollar Tree purchase ever.) It turns water into goo. See it on Rylan's back?
Next time I will put it in a wading pool outside so they can all play in it together.
Then we got to celebrate Gigi's 70th birthday. Happy birthday mom!
Then it was time to celebrate Rylan's birthday (he turns 2 on the 22nd!).
Then of course Easter.
All 3 parties rolled into one!
Payton crashed out after all the partying!
I took mom to Lovelesss Cafe, and yes, she is on her phone . . . crazy kid.
We made one last stop for a Chick-fil-A lemonade (she had never had one before!).
Then is was time to drop her at the airport.
Goodbyes stink. Truly stink.
Gigi left some small candy under the kids pillows. They were SO excited to find them.
Thanks Gigi for coming out to visit us. We loved being able to celebrate your birthday with you. We already miss you!

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