Friday, May 23, 2014


Bees-a-buzz, kids that blow dandelion fuzz . . . Did you start singing that too?
Wednesday I was checking the kids out of school at 9:30am. Why did they even have to go to school??? I don't get it. But that is okay because we got an early start kicking off summer.
The Voss' met up with us to go swimming. And we all had a blast.
Ry completely took to the ring and had no fear.
I got some fun mail too that day from ShutterFly. I ordered a magnet of this picture of Payton.
The next morning, our full official day of summer (and I didn't have to drive anyone anywhere first thing in the morning - woot woot!), we went to the library and signed up for the summer reading program. Then went to get some Aloe Vera. Yes, first day in the pool ended in burns. Ouch!
Rylan was going for his 80's old man look.
My lilies are bursting with beautiful blooms.
It's 85° yet the kids snuggle and play in a furry blanket - crazy!
Friday morning we hit the pool again.
And found out that Chris was getting off early from work so we hurried home, packed everything up and hit the road, headed to Papa & Sasha's house for the weekend!
Playing at the pool before leaving for a road trip was a GREAT idea. Dylan isn't asleep, just playing a game.
We thought we had a great idea to leave early, but we hit tons of traffic anyway. At one point we were completely stopped and people were out of their cars walking around. My kids were doing this:
We made it safely to Papa & Sasha's hung out for a bit then the kids crashed.
Yes, Dylan is sleeping UNDER furniture.
Sleeping babies are so sweet.

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