Saturday, June 20, 2015

Week #25 {2015}

On Sunday this kid made me giggle-snort when he came to me asking for a snack holding the bottle of dressing and a container of salad. 
That late afternoon we hit up the pool,
with daddy which is always extra fun!
I was sitting on the couch talking with Chris when this big guy came over, sat next to me, and put his arm over my shoulder. He's so rad!
Monday morning came and I found Ry like this.
Then Tuesday morning I found him here again. I'm gonna miss this when he learns to sleep in his bed all night long.
We got to the pool around 10-ish and it was awesome because we were the only ones there for awhile.
We left about 1pm and tagged along with Chris to Nashville and dropped him off at a meeting because it was a mile away from...
Trader Joe's! I bought 2 "new-to-me" products, Pretzel Bagles and
Speculoos Cookies.
And yes we sampled both in the car as we waited for Chris' loan signing to finish. The Pretzel Bagels are awesome straight from the bag. {We've not tried them any other way yet.} And the Speculoos Cookies are very similar to Biscoff cookies just not as sweet and not as greasy. I'll be buying both again!
Wednesday we headed to the Splash Pad that just opened a few weeks ago.
The kids were done after about 15 minutes and headed to the adjoining park to play.
Early Thursday morning I was folding laundry when Ry woke up and saw me. He got mad that I was folding his clothes so I gave him the rest and he folded them all by himself. See his stack he did???
Then we went to the Super Hero Party that afternoon.
Dylan is ALWAYS hungry right before bed. I looked over and saw him snacking on shredded carrots. Crazy {but awesome!} boy.
Friday while at my favorite store, Walmart {that was complete sarcasm by the way, I despise going there but it has the cheapest prices for certain things and it is right by my house}, Ry decided to hide in the Charmin.
Dylan had a birthday party to go to that night. I tried to stay awake to pick him up at 9:30pm but failed miserably...and it turned out to be a super late nap. LOL!
Saturday I had my IF:Table group in the morning and we ended the night watching Shrek 2!
Then right before bed Dylan was doing this:

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