Sunday, June 7, 2015

Overwhelmed by Kindness

Something amazing happened today that I want to remember forever. After church we went to McAlister's for lunch. It was normal and no big deal until the end . . . two McAlister's employees walked up and said "Hi you guys. A person wanted us to give this to you." And they handed us a McAlister's gift card. We sat there stunned and shocked. We asked all the obvious questions, What? Why? and my favorite go to question, Huh? One girl said very giggly "Open it!". This is what we read.
We were blown away and overwhelmed. And to think, it was because we prayed before our meal. We didn't pray to make a scene. We prayed because mealtime is a great reminder to pause and thank God for everything that He is and what He's provided for us (like the meal we were about to eat). We now pray that the Lord blessed this person for their kindness!
Pretty cool, huh?

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