Friday, June 26, 2015

T25 Round #2

I finished the entire 10 weeks of the T25 program 2 Saturdays ago... and I didn't post anything because I was bummed. I was having a "fat day" thanks to some water retention {knowwhatImean?}. Plus I didn't see all the results that I was hoping for. That being said, I really do LOVE the T25 program.  Here are my random thoughts about my experience:

(1) They say health is 20% fitness and 80% nutrition, and I didn't change my eating habits at all. In fact they got worse with the kids being home for summer. We are always eating some type of snack/treat/dessert, and my kids are constantly hungry all. the. time.

(2) T25 is easy to stick with. I have gotten into the routine of doing the workouts in the morning, but you can fit 25 minutes {plus a 2-3 minute cool down} somewhere in your day.  {side note:  Fridays are Double Days where you do 2 workouts. I do one, take a loooooooooong break for a few hours and then do the other.}  I followed the program schedule exactly, only missing the 1 day that I had the flu, but made it up that weekend.

(3) I sweat like a pig which makes me feel like I've done something right.

(4) I DID reduce my resting heart rate 8 points from 76 {average} to 68 {good}, which is awesome!

(5) I can see a HUGE difference in my fitness. Aerobically, I can {mostly} keep up with the workouts. I can do more {girl} push ups than I could at the start. I can hold a V-Sit the whole time {which the first time I tried it, it was a joke!}.

(6) I feel stronger.

(7) I see more muscle tone and definition.

I enjoyed doing T25 so much that I have started Round #2 with the program.  This time around, I am doing week #1 of Alpha then week #1 of Beta, followed by Alpha week #2 then Beta week #2, etc.  I have made a conscious effort to eat better, and have tried to cut back to one sweet/treat a day {see my Goals for June}.

Oh and by the way - I thought going back to the beginning would be a little bit easier...and I was wrong.  It's still totally kicking my butt.

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