Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week #24 {2015}

Sunday morning I woke up to this:
Their sleeping habits are hilarious. Dylan, on the other hand, once he falls asleep is out cold until morning.
After church we had a cool thing happen at McAlister's.
Little man loves some T25 Stretch,
and is pretty good at it too!
I love cuddling with my sleeping babies!
Monday we filled up BOTH of our vehicles for $55.96. Thanks to Kroger fuel points we saved $.80 per gallon making it $1.59 per gallon!
Chris made an awesome dinner that evening. We always joke that he can never recreate his meals because he literally throws a bunch of stuff, including leftovers, together but it always turns out tasty!
Think we are going to have some Flash Flood and Thunderstorms? These texts have sure taken time to get used to. 
They didn't have these in California. I mean how stupid would that be? "An earthquake JUST happened." Duh!
Ry's cousins gave him the Llama Llama Red Pajama book a couple of years ago. In the back they had traced their hands and wrote their name/age on it. Ry loves seeing if his hands fit theirs.
Tuesday was Dylan's awards ceremony for his level 2 red belt.
One of his best buds is at TKD too.
Wednesday was an awesome pool day {with no rain this time!}
I saw Rylan trying to do this:
So I grabbed my camera and captured this:
Surfing is in his blood!
What great about my kids growing up is I can get some reading done while at the pool! I'm halfway thru this book and highly recommend it. I wish it was out when Dylan was little!
Know what great about being in the hot sun and pool for almost 4 hours? Tired kiddos!
I made my first Rustic Strawberry Pie. I call it "rustic" because I obviously don't know how to do pie crusts correctly and it doesn't look as pretty as I had hoped, but it was oh so yummy!
I have a new favorite picture of Chris. I love that man.
Thursday the kids were still pooped from the pool so we hung around the house.
Friday was a morning of accidental matchy-matchy. Aaaaannnnndddd it's TN color. Go Vols! 
Saturday. What?  You don't have a low rider monkey backpack wearer in YOUR house?
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