Thursday, June 18, 2015

Super Hero Party

Our {awesome} little library hosted a Super Hero Party as one of the rewards for their Summer Reading Program. When I saw that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were going to be there I KNEW we had to go for Rylan. Here is he all dressed and ready to have fun!
There was a Super Hero Obstacle Course which Dylan helped Rylan on.
Payton wore her Super Hero cape they made there.
At the end of the course they received medals.
It took a while for Ry to warm up to the idea of going up to the TMMTs and asked Dylan if he would go with him {so sweet!}
Funny story... At the entrance to the library we gave them our tickets and they wrote "Pow!" on the back of their hand {instead of a hand stamp}. When I handed Ry a drink he tried to hold the cup with one hand regular and that one hand balled up into a fist. I asked him what he had in his hand and had to pry his fingers back to find nothing. I'm not sure exactly what he thought, but he kept his hand balled up in a fist the entire time...and afterwards until we washed off the "Pow!".
Maybe it gave him a Super Power!

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