Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rylan Says the Darndest Things

Rylan has been saying some funny things over the past few weeks.  I started writing some of them down so I won't forget.

"Well, your a butt cheek." - In response to me telling him that he couldn't have a cookie. And yes, he really did call me that.  Can you tell he has a 10 year old brother?

"Sorry I was being mad." - He was grumpy and in a bad mood while talking to my mom on the phone and giving her an attitude.  The next time I was talking with her, he ran up and said "Sorry I was being mad." all on his own!

"This game is getting on my nerves." - In response to playing Jenga. Yeah buddy, I agree!

"Look at my pace." {face} - He says this all the time when he wants me to look at something he is doing.

"Oh look!  It's a tar!" {star} - While grabbing a scoop shaped tortilla chip.

"Are you happy at me?" - As opposed to "Are you mad at me?"  Now we say this one all the time as an endearment.

"If you mind, will you not...." - How he tells me he doesn't want me to do something {i.e. put his milky-milk away, turn off the tv, etc}.

"Can I axe you a question?" {ask} - Yes, he prefaces his questions, with a question.

I love this kid!

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