Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week #26 {2015}

Whhhaaaatttt? Week 26? How is this year half way over?!?!  Wasn't I just freezing and sick at Christmas time?
Anywho, Sunday was Father's Day and I'm not sure who was more excited, Chris or the kids. 
They gave him a bunch of munchie snacks and Dylan made him an I Love You sign from Legos.
We played hookie from church and headed to the pool.
I finished another book!
Monday morning I did Payton's hair for their first day of VBS.
While Dylan and Payton were gone, Rylan "played" Skylanders by lining all the players up.
Big man bought a new Lego set and put this dragon together in less than an hour.
Tuesday Rylan was hard at work while eating "gapes frozen" {frozen grapes} just like daddy was doing.
Then it was time to pull all the toys out of the toy box.
Dylan has been walking to McDonalds a lot lately with his buddies. So while he was at taekwondo we took the littles to get ice cream cones there.
Ry, watching for daddy to get home from picking up Dylan from TKD class.
12:30 am Wednesday morning I was wide awake because a storm was literally sitting over our house for 3 hours. I love lightning and thunder but at that moment, I would rather have been sleeping.
More of the Skylanders line up.
And sweet kisses.
Thursday we pulled out some Froot Loops for some color sorting, stacking and a tiny bit of sharing.
Picking up the kids from VBS.
I was very impressed with the drop off and pick up process. Each morning the kids got a new numbered wristband and I got their matching tag #. At pick up, they were walked to my car by an adult who checked the tag numbers to make sure the kids were mine. It was a great system1
Pool time!
Then we ate some yummy S'mores.
Friday morning, I had this snuggle bear in my lap for quiet time.
And it was the last day for VBS.  Ry and I had fun waiting in the carpool line.
Both kids had a great time, making friends, memorizing bible verses, and learning about God!
Wanna know what happens if you leave your phone in a hot car for an hour? 
{I've never seen this before}
I finished another GREAT book.
This has been a favorite of mine lately {for Payton and Rylan too!}.
Plain yogurt drizzled with honey and sprinkled with shredded coconut. This was a post dinner snack.  Yum!
Bedtime snuggles.
Rylan falls asleep almost completely covered up {and he wakes up all sweaty}!
And Lately I've been tucking in Payton and Isabelle {her name changed AGAIN} into bed.
Saturday morning I woke up to this.
He had crawled into our bed at 3:15 am and quickly fell back asleep.  Then laughed out loud while he was asleep {I wonder what he was dreaming about?!}.
Chris got to enjoy another rain while mowing the lawn.  He said it actually feels good and cools him off a bit!
The littles played babies for a bit.
And Ry came downstairs with his hat like this.
The boys went to the market and Payton and I had some girl time.  She wanted to play Monopoly Crazy Cash {fun game!}.
We ended the week watching a family movie.  Can't believe 2015 is halfway over!
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