Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals

I'm jumping on the monthly goals bandwagon and sharing my goals so I can stay accountable, but am keeping it simple with only 4 goals.
1. Quiet Time/Bible Reading Every Day. Since {this} happened, I was doing my quiet time pretty consistently. Now summer is here and I am sleeping in {until 6:30am Woohoo! - My kids, on the other hand, don't know what sleeping in is. Saturday, Dylan woke me up at 5:30am. True story.}. So if I'm waking up and the kids are already up, it is no bueno. I forget to do it or am distracted with all the commotion, but no more, I'm going to wake up earlier to make sure I get it done!

2. Work Out 6x a Week. I'm already doing this with the T25 program, but I only have 2 weeks left and I want to keep it up through the end of June!

3. No Social Media Between 7-9pm Everyday. It's a total time waster. I'm grabbing my phone mindlessly and missing out on what's going on around me {husband/kids} when that is our main hangout time!

4. One Sweet/Dessert Per Day. If you didn't know, I've got a sweet tooth. I nibble on sweets throughout the day {especially when I am PMSing} and want that to stop. I don't think I can cut out sugar cold turkey, but limiting myself to one sugary sweet thing a day sounds doable. Hard, so very hard, but doable!

Wish me luck!

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