Saturday, June 6, 2015

Week #23 {2015}

Recently, at bedtime, Rylan started bringing EVERYTHING off his bed downstairs to snuggle. Sunday was no different.
Monday I had some awesome workout partners for my T25 cool down. {Yes, they are shirtless with their pants on inside out. #crazy kids}
Dyl put together a robot.
Then we ended the night going to Downtown Columbia for a social for Chris work. I took a bag of stuff for the kids to do and Payton made this cute "hair clip" out of wiki stix!
I got a sweet pic of Ry. I'll gladly take 1,000 pictures to get 1 like this.
Tuesday we went and had fun at the park.
Dylan is such a great big brother. He helps Rylan so much and they have sweet brotherly bond.
Wednesday I took these 2 to the market to buy our groceries for the week and left Dylan home alone. Eek! He's growing up so quickly! It's scary and awesome at the same time.
Thursday was for friends and running in the sprinkler.
For dinner we had Beans and Rice bowls. {Brown rice topped with black beans.} Every time we eat this I fall in love with it a little bit more. This time I topped mine with shredded cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, jalapeƱos, and Cholula! Yum!
Friday the Littles had some coloring time. Ry covered every inch of his picture and Payton was super exact with her coloring.
Then somehow we ended up with 4/5ths of the Nerd Herd (as Chris calls them) in the car, watching a movie.

Saturday morning Dylan made his own "Kingdom Hearts Keyblade" from random things he found laying around.
I was pretty impressed with the Mickey Mouse head he made out of safety pins, copper wire and a hot glue gun.
Then we were off to Dylan's Level 2 Red Belt testing.
The awards ceremony is this Tuesday!

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