Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week #12 {2015} Spring Break!

Oh glorious Sunday! The RealFeel® temp was 74° and I was in heaven. 
The kids loved it too! We played out front, biking and skateboarding (at least that's what Ry THINKS he is doing).
Then we moved to the backyard. I read and they played.
Then they got out the water hose and threw on their swimming suits. And yes, we had a snow day just 9 days prior.
We are starting to have signs of Spring!
Monday I took the kiddos to the zoo...
along with everyone else in Nashville! It was so crowded but still fun though. We got to see a baby kangaroo.
I got my new favorite picture of these monkeys.
We saw some down deeps {what Ry calls elephants} which are Rylan's favorites and giraffes which are my favorite.
The Red Pandas were up and moving around which was Dylan's favorite.
And on the way home we stopped for some Sonic Slushes which is everyone's favorite!
About 6pm this night, 2 of Chris' meetings canceled for this week and he asked, "Why don't we head out to the Wilderness at the Smokies tomorrow for a night, then head on down to my parents after?". So we scrambled all evening long getting booked, packed and ready to go.
Tuesday morning we headed out (with St. Patty's stickers and light up necklaces thanks to Auntie J!).
We stopped to fuel up at Starbucks (Chris LOVES it when I take pictures. Can't you tell?),
and headed to Knoxville. I love this huge cross we passed on our way.
We got to the hotel, changed ASAP and headed down to get on the shuttle to take us to the waterpark. While we waited I took some fun photos. I love Ry's looks in each of these.
And notice how BIG Dylan's feet are?
We played for a few hours and the kids had a BLAST!
We got back to the room and I crashed out.
Wednesday morning we headed back to the waterpark for a quick hour.
I love this precious girl.
Then we headed South to Papa & Yaya's house. I messed up the directions so we made a slight detour and drove by the University of Tennessee. Go Vols!
We had an amazing view of the Smoky Mountains.
And Dylan found Zotz at a back roads gas station. Zotz were my favorite candy growing up. I LOVED going to B&B Pharmacy and buying some when I was little. Great memories and yummy!
I looked back to see this lovely view (at least he was comfortable!).
We made it to Papa & Yaya's house and hung out the rest of the night.
Here Ry is hiding.
Thursday we headed out for the day. Yay had gotten Payton this adorable hat and she got compliments from everyone who saw her.
We went by the American Girl Store and thanks to Payton saving her money and Yaya pitching in, Payton got her first American Girl Doll.
Needless to say, she was pretty excited. Her name keeps changing, but as of this second, it is Makenna Grace Lewis. Who knows what it will be tomorrow.  =)
We finally tried these yummy things.  Chris had been saying for years, "I wish we could figure out how to partially pop popcorn.", since the ends of the bowl are ALWAYS his favorite.  And Trader Joe's beat us to it.  These are excellent - just like a popcorn kernel mixed with a corn nut. We only wish the bag was bigger.  Hee hee!
Friday we did a lot of this.
And this.
And this!
Papa told Payton she could drink the rest of the soda - from the bottle . . . you should have seen her face.  She thought she was SO cool.
Saturday.  I love this kid.  He makes me smile.
We ate lunch down in Woodstock.
Then we got ice cream from Brusters.
I LOVE that they give kids (under 40") a free baby cone.  It's a perfect size.
It was a warm beautiful day.  Perfect for ice cream.
Back at Papa & Yaya's, the kids got in one last scooter ride before we headed home.
Back at home, unpacked, laundry going, showers done . . . perfect end to an awesome week!

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